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All that time ago...

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Still down. Not out.

Back in January I added a note about progress (or lack thereof) here, in which I outlined…

My radiotherapy treatment now complete, I'm again available to resume developing this venture (albeit with seriously-depleted energy levels, of 'about zero', for the next month-or-so whilst recovering).

Clearly I spoke too optimistically, subsequently adding a corrective update in which I noted that while still not fully healthy I was working on background parts of the project, and expected this to continue for a further month-or-two.

Again, this was over-optimistic… and, in something mentioned purely for information (not sympathy), mid-June I'm still 'flat, restricted in what I can do', and was recently advised that (because of my ongoing meds) weakness/fatigue could well continue for months.

[Pull yourself together man? Already done, but there's a limit to what's possible.]

So, hhhmmmm…

Pragmatically, with recovery slower than expected/hoped and on the basis that 'this might be as good as I get for a while', I'll continue to operate this more like a hobby than a business—preferring something artistically good rather than simply commercially expedient, things here'll be 'more human, gentler+slower rather than leaner-meaner, etcetera'.

With the 'tricky, concept/tech set-up work' done, 'next' is the relatively simple stuff of promotion/marketing… which I'll undertake in a relatively relaxed manner.

It'll be nice to have this thing begin to be used.
And, right now, the income will be useful.

But I'll neither rush, nor apologise for being 'unbusiness-like'.


Good biz talk, classic music—sounds like a plan.
What could possibly go wrong?

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