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Ad deals.

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'Money, honey.' explained how we'd fund initial development by pre-sale of ads at a substantial discount.

So let's get into the numbers, with a simple and inexpensive offer.

Our standard ad-length is 15 seconds.

  • One ad-slot costs $10 (but we've a $50 minimum-spend, so you'll be buying 5 of 'em).
  • If you buy 50, the per-slot cost drops to just $5.

If you want, those slots can be for different ads… they don't all have to be the same one. And you can choose how quickly they're aired… concentrated burst, or spread over months.

Each time an ad is aired, it'll be heard 1,000 times*.

[*Initially, our audience will be small and so we'll repeat an ad at no extra cost until it reaches that level.]

  • So for $50 your ad(s) will be aired 5-times and heard 5,000 times.
  • And for $250 it/they'll be aired 50-times and heard fifty thousand times.

Those are CPM's of $5-10… and even at the higher rate that's just one cent every time it's heard by someone.

If you don't have a ready-to-air ad that's not a problem; we can produce one.

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