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A happy bunch of amateurs.

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'Yippy kai yay, motherf***er.'

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Despite the previously-mentioned blurring of the pro-am line, what's clear is this:

  • There are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-easier ways to earn money than Honk Radio. Currently, it is literally a labor of love (or something like that, anyway; although the financial reward, when it comes, will of course be welcome).
  • I'm happily unprofessional in the sense of being 'contrary to the accepted code' in the way I do some things. And that doesn't make it any less valid or appropriate.

So yes, I/we'll keep doing things in our decidedly un-pro way.

And so, revisiting the point with which I opened: surely this informality, along with being so totally open and transparent, is just lunacy?

No. And far from being some impractical ideal perhaps better-suited to an Oregon hippy commune, I'll venture that trying to be more human about things is a smart move.

Bottom line:

There are two distinct types of commercial enterprise…

Those which elicit a smile and those which don't.

Which would you rather be?

If we had a creed, it'd be simple and unambiguously clear:

Be honest. Be open. Be bold. Treat people decently.

Anyway, further laboring of the point is counterproductive. (And whilst I've been penning this, time's moved-on and it's become daylight, so proper work beckons.)


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