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A happy bunch of amateurs.

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'Yippy kai yay, motherf***er.'

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Broadly, it seems fair to suggest that professionals do it primarily for the money, and amateurs do it mainly because they love it.

But let's not get too sideways on the semantics.

Amateurs can do it for the money too.

And professionals can do it for love.

The lines are blurred.

For me, it's not just about the money… which should ideally flow as the result of doing something well, preferably something I l-u-r-v-e.

To me, and I suspect a great many others, 'amateur' needn't be incompetent and 'pro' may not be better.

So whilst the answer to 'what do I know about running a radio station' is 'zero-zip-zilch'… there's no less time, talent and energy being deployed here than 'somewhere proper'.

And although enthusiasm is rarely an acceptable replacement for expertise and experience, it's a damn-fine basis for learning what's required to operate profitably.

We swiped this next bit from Tom Peters, because we like the commerce-as-art theme. A lot.

Business isn't some disembodied bloodless enterprise.

Profit is fine, a sign that the customer honors the value of what we do.

But 'Enterprise' (a lovely word) is about heart.
About beauty. It's about art.
About people throwing themselves on the line.

It's about passion and the selfless pursuit of an ideal. It's cool.

And work that's cool is available to all and any of us.

And that's the root of the 'honk' thing…

'A relatively natural and satisfying way that respects others, and doesn't require working crushing hours just to add zeros to a bank balance' …

Rather than the usual 'sleep is for the week' corporatized-antics so-readily embraced by the corner-office-seeking ladder-climbers.

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