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A distinct absence of 'pro'.

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'You say my kisses are not like his.'

During recent heath-oriented downtime, I've been reviewing and reconsidering what's here.

And, with my lack of self-confidence hardly a secret, something that's among my thoughts is 'but you're not doing it like others'.

It's clear to anyone who's read more than a page (and sometimes just a paragraph or two) here, that the manner in which we're doings things is perhaps a little unusual.

Elsewhere on site, we mention that we've an open and simple approach, based firmly on a belief that:

Business doesn't have to be as impersonal, dull, inauthentic and unethical as it often is—and great enterprise is built upon integrity, intelligence and energy.

And of course, you have to have fun doing what you're doing… in a relatively natural and satisfying way that respects others and doesn't require working crushing hours just to add zeros to a bank balance.

Another note outlines my discomfort about this…

I'm well-aware that the 'at-least quirky way we're doing things' is likely to be an impediment to development.

Howso? Through discouraging some people from dealing with us… whereas if we'd played-it-straight they'd have no such qualms.

And, whatever the potential advantage of 'don't be bland' as a strategy that's not my doing. What's here is simply and bluntly authentically 'what I want to do, the way I want to do it'.

Simply, however naive things may seem and be here, the issue is not that I don't know how to be professional and 'do things properly'… but that I just don't want to.

(And yes, I'm aware that may be interpreted as 'sullen or whimsical childishness'.)

So low is my aforementioned self-confidence, that I don't suppose I'll ever be comfortable with this. And, as something of my own choosing, I'll live with it.

It would be so easy to reframe things, to normalise, to be more acceptable… and thus ease development.

Instead, I'll add this clarifying note as an initial step further away from 'go along to get along', and follow-on with a subsequent clarifier.

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