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Not quite 'green across across the board... all systems go!'.

The biggest delay with this project has been me soft-peddling for too long.

Although we could have launched something awhile ago, rather than 'Yippee-ki-yay, m*****f*****!' I chose to delay and work toward something better…

There's a balance to be found, between 'minimum viable product' and 'sucks'.

That right-or-right-now balance is something which enables a reasonable assessment of what's on offer. It's not simply 'something which might be ok with some people'.

Although 'ideas are over-rated, and worthless unless executed' (they're not, that's just a soundbite which has suckered many), not all of that execution is (or can/should be) public.

The chicken didn't just pop-out an egg. It took time to make and had to gestate awhile.

There's a parallel here with whisky… the good stuff takes time to mature, in gnarly old barrels rather than spiffy bottles, and away from the pubic gaze.

So yeah, sometimes 'good enough' isn't.

I don't have an issue with 'mvp' per se, but how it's often used to rush-out (and laud) a less-than-satisfactory result.

There's a musical parallel here too…

Demo tapes and early takes… are often stuff which if, had it been released (or even heard!), would likely have lost the artist/band future listeners. It just wasn't ready, and rightly remained closeted until more-finessed.

Also relevant is that ages ago I had something which was more than 'good enough', but chose to delay because of my crappy health and imploding personal life.

More than simply slightly-valid excuses, I've genuinely not been able to 'do enough, well enough' and my main concern has been being sure that I can deliver.

Letting-down others isn't something I'll do, and so I've delayed the point where we're ready to take money from people (hosts and advertisers), until I'm sure there'll be no hitches.

Now, with my personal issues sorted, the route ahead is unobstructed and so further restraint isn't necessary.

Although it might seem I'm looking for excuses here (maybe I am), the intent is not to try to convince anyone of anything. This is simply another perspective-setting note to aid understanding of the culture here.

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