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If you've questions about what's here, or there's something you want to see covered, ask. Meantime…

Another day, another delay.

(2 minute read.)

Here we go again... (or not).

It's late-May, and still little's happening here.

At times, because it's been such a bl**dy mess for so damn long, I wonder if this project might be cursed…

Then I tell myself: 'Of course not g, it's just your own sh*tty karma.'



(1 minute read.)

'I didn't have the nerve to say no.'

On a re-read of 'Is anybody alive in here?' I was initially uneasy about the prominence of 'I'.

But, after a rethink I'm ok (albeit somewhat reluctantly) about it… this is 'my project'.


Is anybody alive in here?

(3 minute read.)

'Cut me loose, or hand me a noose?'

With no recent updates here, it'd probably be appropriate to reuse the 'neglected… like a lost lifeboat cast out upon the cruel sea' smart-ass-one-liner that's been here previously.

Or maybe add a new one… 'alien abduction' might be ok.


More, or less?

(1 minute read.)

Longer may be better.

The recent note about Honk #1 set me thinking about why programs on Honk #2/3 are of 15- and 30-minute length, rather than the 60-minutes of Honk #1.

And, after due consideration, there's no good reason not to expand them to 60-minutes.

The original thinking was…



(1 minute read.)

First, assemble your audience.

With enough pre-launch work complete (strategy duly considered, initial site in place, and other assorted stuff sorted), we can begin to build an audience.

How will we do that?

Primarily through utilising other peoples' networks.


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