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Snippets (95) about what we're doing (and the thinking behind it), with some small-talk and a little propaganda.

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At times highly personal… it's authentic and transparent, but rarely crisp and focused.

If you've questions about what's here, or there's something you want to see covered, ask. Meantime…

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Right-o, let's go.

(1 minute read.)

Time to get on with this (again).

My radiotherapy treatment now (yesterday) having been completed, I'm again available to resume developing this venture (albeit with seriously-depleted energy levels, of 'about zero', for the next month-or-so whilst recovering).

So then, for this project it's 'game on'. Again.



(1 minute read.)

Time for a break.

Heading into 'the dark part of the year'… I'm about to pause (yes, again!) things here for a month-or-so and resume in January.

With Thanksgiving and Xmas etcetera festivities, year-end tends to be an inward-looking time in which 'let's talk about it after the holidays' is not conducive to starting new stuff.


Is anybody alive in here?

(1 minute read.)

'Cut me loose, or hand me a noose?'

Having now caught up with the reworking of Notes, there'll now be a few-weeks break… during which I've no plans to add anything new.

I've some tech stuff to sort, and among other things on which I might care to focus is 'regain perspective' with which to go forward.



(1 minute read.)

'Oh yeah… we need a bit about that too.'

With this note, I've finished editing and re-adding the previously-removed info that I wanted to get back onsite before we before begin to attract visitors.

Throughout, my guide has been 'Would knowing this help a prospective partner/associate, show host/guest, advertiser, listener, or anyone else who's interested?'


Ramble on.

(3 minute read.)

Sing your song?

Although, as the 'StartUp' podcast series shows, the process of building a business can be of legitimate interest, my execution here is seriously flawed.

I'm bothered that so much of what's here seems to be about me, but as the central proponent of what's currently a one-man-band I suppose that's inevitable.


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