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If you've questions about what's here, or there's something you want to see covered, ask. Meantime…

More, or less?

(1 minute read.)

Longer may be better.

The recent note about Honk #1 set me thinking about why programs on Honk #2/3 are of 15- and 30-minute length, rather than the 60-minutes of Honk #1.

And, after due consideration, there's no good reason not to expand them to 60-minutes.

The original thinking was…



(1 minute read.)

First, assemble your audience.

With enough pre-launch work complete (strategy duly considered, initial site in place, and other assorted stuff sorted), we can begin to build an audience.

How will we do that?

Primarily through utilising other peoples' networks.


Let it be.

(4 minute read.)

In this style 10/6. (Natural dissimilarity = variety? And that's ok.)

Something which has been bothering me is can we sensibly offer 'be a host' slots on Honk #1?'… specifically, what's the value to a host?

Why? Because if there's no real value, we won't offer the service… we want to provide something genuinely useful, not grab money from wherever.

In what's probably over-thinking, I'll outline the relevant considerations…


Yeah, well.

(1 minute read.)

It's not always headline-stuff which is important.

One of several instances where I've been very personal, the previous note is hardly in accord with the oft-stated advice of 'readers don't care about you, they just want what's in it for them'.



Back. Forward.

(5 minute read.)

Wait, then wait some more.

It being seven months since an update… 'WTF's happening?' is a reasonable question.

And a sit-rep update is something I've roughed-out many times in my head, but not published.

So, 'WTF has been happening?'.


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