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(4 minute read.)

The price of progress?

Recently I've been observing how, despite progressive advances, much of society continues to be determined by 'white men in suits'… whether business or politics, often power-and-glory-oriented, pretending to be more than they are, swaggering their way to success through deceit and manipulation.

'It's sales…'? Yeah, it probably is.

Whatever happened to modest, dignified, and scrupulously fair?

Apple's continuing commercial advance (to apparently have become the world's most valuable corporation) reminds me of more humble beginnings with 'the two Steves'…

Content to leave the strategy and soldiering to 'the other one', Woz buried himself in the backroom, working diligently to quietly ensure there was something to be hyped and sold… a product actually worth buying.



(Less than a minute to read.)

Work in progress, all ok.

I'm aware there's been no recent updates.

I'm currently fully occupied with sorting the music and talk content. It's a priority, something to get into decent shape so we can move ahead sensibly.

I've maybe another week-or-so on this, and can then move onto letting others know we're active.

Let it grow.

(2 minute read.)

(Let it blossom, let it flow.)

Upping-the-ante on the recent 'no launch', we're also unlikely to do much marketing.

Is that nuts? Probably.


The non-launch.

(2 minute read.)

When you start without telling anyone, is it still a launch?

I was tempted to refer to that 'If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?' thing… then decided not to, because I read something about how Einstein lightly chided one of his egghead science buddies for suggesting 'the moon might not be real' and preferred his own far more sensible outlook of 'I like to think that moon is there even when I am not looking at it.'

So yeah, 'Go Alby…' thanks for the common sense realism, rather than notional nonsense.

And probably…

If you stand in the middle of a busy road, eyes closed and back to the oncoming traffic, it'll still hurt like hell when that truck rolls right over you.



Did they all die?

(1 minute read.)

Dude, where's my update?

With no new notes in over two weeks, things here are seemingly in danger of becoming neglected… like a lost lifeboat cast out upon the cruel sea, or last year's hot little evening dress which now lies forlorn toward the rear of the closet along with that god-awful Hawaiian shirt he insisted on buying.

And I'm sorry about that.

Rather than spin some nonsense about 'being busy with other aspects of the operation, and amid too many other calls on my time and energy, there just aren't the hours to do it all nor the creative ability to properly narrate things here', the truth is tediously dull… I've been ill, and unable to work properly.


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