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Updates & perspective.

'Explain almost everything…'

Snippets (77) about what we're doing (and the thinking behind it), with some small-talk and a little propaganda.

(Site issues and pending-fixes have their own page.)

At times highly personal… it's authentic and transparent, but rarely crisp and focused.

If you've questions about what's here, or there's something you want to see covered, ask. Meantime…

Oct 25 update…
Part-way-through an update, some notes have been removed for editing (so expect some broken links).

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(1 minute read.)

That's all for right now.

Heading into 'the dark part of the year'… I'm about to pause (yes, again!) things here for a month-or-so and resume in January.

With Thanksgiving and Xmas etcetera festivities, year-end tends to be an inward-looking time in which 'let's talk about it after the holidays' is not conducive to starting new stuff.


'Come, all ye...'

(1 minute read.)

First, assemble your audience.

With enough pre-launch work complete (strategy duly considered, initial site in place, and other assorted stuff sorted), we can begin to build an audience.

How will we do that?



(2 minute read.)

'Let's switch this to that.'

One thing (apart from the gross ineptitude of the bloke behind this thing) that's delayed launch is the 'have your own show thing'.

Two relevant issues are…



(2 minute read.)

Yes... no?

'10-9-8-7-6-5-5-5-5-5…' mentions how we could have launched earlier, but chose to delay until we had something better.

Not wishing to get into the 'minimum viable product versus good first impression' debate, I'll confine myself accordingly.


Another day, another delay.

(1 minute read.)

Here we go again... (or not).

Previous notes have mentioned various delays here.

At times, because it's been so damn long since I originally began working on it, I wonder if this project might be cursed…

Then I tell myself: 'Of course not g, it's just your own sh*tty karma.'


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