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Honk #1: listen.

You can listen to Honk Radio in a variety of ways, including browser and apps.


The embedded player at the foot of the browser window on any page should enable continuous play whilst browsing the Honk Radio site.

And, by opening a new window or tab to browse elsewhere, it should continue playing for as long as the tab/window is open.

Please note: The single button on the player has a 'start/stop' (not pause) function.

On 'stop' the live stream disconnects.
On 'play' it reconnects, and resumes where the stream currently 'is' rather than where 'things stopped'.

Browsers often cache a few seconds of audio, which will play on resuming after 'stop' and then 'jump' to what's live.


Formats for popular media players include…

To use, open the above urls with the appropriate app.

Please note: As we add additional channels, these settings will change and be updated accordingly.