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'Turn on, tune in...' (yeah, really).

Listen in a variety of ways, including browser and apps.


The embedded player at the foot of the browser window on any page should enable continuous play while browsing the site.

And, if you open a new window or tab to browse elsewhere, it should continue playing for as long as the tab/window is open.

We also have an alternate player.


You can listen with popular mediaplayer apps which are likely already installed on your device.

It's simple and effective… and of course, in handling audio from a variety of sources (rather than a single site) doesn't require yet another trip to the appstore to download something that's really not needed.

Honk #1 formats for popular mediaplayers include…


To use, add the appropriate url to your preferred app. (Some apps will handle more than one of the above).

As we add additional channels, these settings will change and be updated accordingly.



After activating 'play', it'll likely take a second-or-three for sound to appear.

This varies with different browsers/apps, and whether you have good karma.

Turn back time…?

Our broadcasts are live, and can't be paused or rewound.

The 'start/stop' button is not 'pause'.

On 'stop', the live stream disconnects.

On 'play', it reconnects and resumes where the stream currently is (not where it was stopped).

Players sometimes cache a few seconds of audio, which may play on resuming after 'stop' and then 'jump' to the live stream.

Now playing…

'Current track' info sometimes shows info for a previous track.

It's a limitation of retarded software, and we're looking for alternatives.

To supposedly prevent server overload, it refreshes at 30- or 60-second intervals, rather than with track-change, and stops updating after a fixed period (currently an hour, although we may reconfig this). [As I said, 'retarded'.]

So, trust your ears and use your own best judgment… whatever the status message shows, it's unlikely that Seth Godin has hooked-up with Creedence, or that BB King is giving business advice.

Using iTunes [which isn't retarded] may be a good idea—updates are instant with track-change, and don't stop after an hour/other time period.

Info (opens in new tab, with music 'off') for the ten most-recent tracks… »

Honk #1:  Player is temporarily offline.