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Walk this way...

Step right up.

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Making it really easy for those who want to be involved, there's nothing onerous or underhand (and with this note it's now entirely transparent) with my selection process… it progresses through a series of points at which, depending on the action of myself or the other person, the interest of one-or-both of us naturally diminishes and ends.

Using find-a-freelancer sites, rather than simply wanting 'hired hands looking for more work' I favor those who can see the longer-term potential and respond accordingly.

Of course I recognise that most people active on such sites are, quite rightly, often just looking for their next short-term gig. It's the relative few who aren't though, and with whom there might be a potential good fit, in whom I'm interested.

With a remit of 'make me redundant', in follow-up contact my guidance is:

  • Don't accept the brief as given.
  • Do act as if you own the place.
  • Assume you have absolute authority.
  • It's sometimes better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.

I sometimes find it tough to say 'no', and so where able try to 'give almost anyone a chance'.

As part of that 'making it really easy' thing… I do something, or suggest a relatively simple action, as a step toward further involvement.

Although it could be seen as such (and maybe it really is) I don't consider it a test, but a 'lets see if we can join the dots here, in a mutually beneficial way'.

Anyway, those points…


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