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Not only, but also.



Clearly, much of 'host your own show' is oriented toward those who want to use our content.

If you already have (or can supply) your own ready-to-air show (perhaps you podcast), you might be wondering if there's an airtime-only rate which is lower than if you'd used our content.

The simple answer is 'yes'.

We've not decided pricing for this… so if you're interested, contact us and we can agree something fair.

Get paid.

You may also be wondering if we might pay you for your show.

We're of course happy to pay for appropriate content.

If you're a well-known hotshot and can bring an audience, we're happy to pay for that too.

Obviously, the numbers will vary with specific circumstances, and currently we're not sure how to approach this… and certainly not to present concisely on this page.

You may want to read our initial thoughts on this, so we can work-out a mutually-beneficial deal.

All clear?

Hopefully it's all explained.

(If you're unclear, please re-read or tell us.)

So, now's a good time to get your show at significantly discounted rates.

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