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Host your own show.

If you're in business, you can have your own on-air show(s).

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Shows can be aired on Honk #1, Honk #2, or Honk #3…

Honk #1.

The format is a 60-minute show, comprising short talk-clips interspersed with music, on Honk #1.

  • We provide (and select) the talk-clips and music.
    (If you want to choose, there's a small additional charge.)

  • You get an hour on-air for just fitfeen bucks (or less, with discounts).

You can be on-air within a day-or-two.

gHonk #1 is online now (use the 'play' button at the bottom-left of the browser window).

Currently presenting 'unhosted, small-pieces-loosely-joined, clips and music', as hosts join we add them to the schedule.

Honk #2 and Honk #3.

The format is 15- and 30-minute podcast-type programs, on Honk #2 and #3.

  • We provide content, from which you can choose and compile your show. If you'd rather, you can use you own.
  • You can get a 15-minute show for just $12.50 (with discounts). Or 30-minute for $25 (with discounts).

These channels will launch February 2018. (The delay is because it'll take time to prepare enough shows and attract enough initial show hosts for a decent schedule.)

Buy now?

60-minute show(s), on Honk #1 channel.

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  • Show 60-1 (1x 60-minute show): $15
  • Show 60-5 (5x 60-minute shows): $60
  • Show 60-10 (10x 60-minute shows): $90
  • Show 60-MONTH (1x 60-minute show daily, Mon-Fri): $150

15-minute show(s), on Honk #2 or #3 channels.

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  • Show 15-1 (1x 15-minute show): $25
  • Show 15-5 (5x 15-minute shows): $100
  • Show 15-10 (10x 15-minute shows): $150
  • Show 15-MONTH (1x 15-minute show daily, Mon-Fri): $250

30-minute show(s), on Honk #2 or #3 channels.

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  • Show 30-1 (1x 30-minute show): $50
  • Show 30-5 (5x 30-minute shows): $200
  • Show 30-10 (10x 30-minute shows): $300
  • Show 30-MONTH (1x 30-minute show daily, Mon-Fri): $500

We can script and produce a 15- or 30-minute show(s) for you.

Shows can be re-broadcast (as repeats), at lower cost, just 30-50% of the original.

Ask for info and pricing.


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