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Host your own show.

If you're in business, you can have your own on-air show(s).

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With one-off and regular shows, lengths varying from a minute to an hour, a variety of content formats and geographic territories… there's a lot of flexibility.

You choose…

  • Channel and geographic territory.
  • Show length: 15-, 30- or 60-minutes.
  • (1-to-5-minute mini-shows also available, ask.)
  • A preferred day/time-slot (if available).
  • Whether your shows are aired quickly or slowly (a week, a month, etcetera).

Shows are available as…

  • Singles.
  • Blocks of 5/10.
  • A monthly option (one show a day, Monday-Friday, for a month).


  • After broadcast, shows are available for on-demand listening.
  • Individual shows can optionally be re-broadcast (as repeats, at lower cost).

Full support.

We provide the creative and tech support to make things work, whether you're experienced or totally new to this, including…

  • Content… talk and music.
  • 'You're listening to… [person/show name]' audio idents.
  • A show-host page/microsite with info about yourself and your show(s).
  • And, of course, airtime.

If you want intro/outro music, extra idents, etcetera, we'll do that for whatever it costs us (we don't need or want to make a profit on it).


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